By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Lawyer

The Adult Protective Services Program is proposing new rules governing Adult Protective Services (APS).

The proposed new rules will set forth the standards and establish a framework for administration of the Statewide APS Program to help abused, neglected and exploited adults that reside in community settings and who are unable to protect themselves.  The proposed new rules would establish the standards for designation of APS provider agencies, funding for APS Programs, certification and training of APS workers, receiving referrals, client investigation and intervention, service provision, confidentiality of information collected by APS workers, maintaining a central registry database, monitoring by the State Coordinator, reporting, termination of services and filing for guardianship or conservatorship when necessary.  The proposed new rules would also set forth the requirements for the State Coordinator’s audit of each APS provider agency, processing complaints about the APS Program and mandatory reporting of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of an alleged vulnerable adult by identified professionals.

Public comment will be until January 6, 2012.  If you have any questions with regard to this new proposed rule, please contact Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. toll-free at (888)800-7442 or e-mail him at