By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a NJ Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Lawyer
Elder abuse is defined under New Jersey law.  It is:
1. Physical abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, isolation, abduction, and neglect of a person.
2. It is also financial elder abuse.  The elderly and seniors can be easy targets because of their often trusting nature and because swindlers operate under the guise of the trustworthiness of a business and a personal trust relationship.  While the largest number of cases reported involve family, friends, and caregivers, the aggregate dollar amounts lost through commercial (financial) elder abuse is the highest.
3. Life and health insurance misrepresentation or theft.
4. Predatory financial schemes through the sale of promotion of:
(1) Boiler plate living trusts & annuities.
i. “The public, particularly senior citizens, are told that the living trust is a cure-all for the problems entailed in asset management and wealth transfer.
ii. Salesman sell trusts at senior citizen centers.
iii. Salesmen make false investment claims.
iv. Salesmen promote “Get rich quick” schemes.
v. Salesmen promote credit card/home loan “bailouts”.

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