By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse Attorney
An Elder Abuse Protection Plan is a set of legal documents that includes an Appointment of Temporary Guardian for someone you choose to take immediate control of an elderly person, Consent for Medical Treatment form, and a Medical Information form containing information on your elder’s medical allergies and conditions, physician information, health insurance information, immunization record, and medication list. Your Elder Abuse Protection Plan will also include a special wallet card. The wallet card will be registered with a national database that contains all of the above information on file for you.
If you are in an accident, or become incapacitated and unable to make decisions or communicate your intention, your Elder Abuse Protection Plan will help ensure that your survivors are never turned over to Protective Services or the County Board of Social Services because the police don’t have clear instructions from you and, if the unthinkable happens, your Protection Plan will help ensure that you are not turned over to Adult institutional strangers chosen by a overburden social services system that doesn’t care about your wishes or who you would prefer to take custody of you.

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