By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse Attorney
Emotional abuse of elderly victims is an often-ignored form of abuse that occurs on a frequent basis.  This form of abuse can have a significant impact on the elder’s feeling of self-worth.  Most people would feel outraged that an elder’s emotional needs aren’t being taken care of after a lifetime of work and sacrifice.
Elder emotional abuse is often not obvious.  An elderly victim may feel a sense of detachment from their abuser.  Additionally, the abuser and elderly victim will have a relationship that is somewhat unusual in that the victim will show some signs of distress.
Emotional abuse is a serious issue for many elderly victims.  They are often left feeling marginalized and lose interest in things that they used to enjoy, leading to severe depression and decline in health.
Emotional abuse of elder victims is hard to spot, and many victims are unwilling to report the abuser.
You can contact adult protective services to have the elder abuse victim removed from his or her current environment.  From there, you may wish to proceed in obtaining damages from the abuser.  A NJ elder law attorney can argue on your behalf to make sure that the abuser pays the full price of his or her crime.
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