By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse Attorney

Financial abuse of elderly victims is when an abuser is taking advantage of an elderly person’s financial situation for personal gain.  This may or may not occur with threats or intimidation.  This form of abuse can happen in families or within nursing home settings.
The level of financial abuse of an elderly person can range from taking a few extra dollars out of Grandma’s wallet, to stealing an elderly person’s bank account information and withdrawing funds without their knowledge.  There are also cases where scammers target elderly victims, because they perceive their victims to be naïve.
Caregivers are often sources of undue influence in an elder’s life.  Therefore, an elderly person may feel that they are obligated to comply with the demands of the abuser.  This is part of the process by which an abuser dominates and controls their elderly victim.  After the victim is controlled, the victim is at the mercy of the caregiver so that he or she may be able to gain something from their victim.
You may notice that an elderly person in your life is missing some of his or her money, or there is an unusual level of social distance between the caregiver/elderly person.  If this is the case, then you should have an attorney investigate for signs of elder abuse.  Mr. Fred Niemann of the Hanlon Niemann law firm in NJ is an experienced NJ elder law attorney who will fight to make sure that the elder victim’s case is heard in court.

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